Helps to reduce osteoarthritis pain by up to 50% by week 4 when used regularly on its own (4 times daily application)1

Blocks pain transmission by depleting substance P, your body’s pain messenger

Works directly at the source to help relieve osteoarthritis pain

Suitable for everyday use for chronic osteoarthritis


How Zostrix works to relieve osteoarthritis pain

Harnesses the natural power of capsaicin

Zostrix contains capsaicin which is the purified extracted alkaloid from red chilli peppers (capsicums); the substance that makes chilli peppers hot. Capsaicin has been shown to help relieve osteoarthritis pain by reducing levels of substance P(1,2,3,4), the body’s pain messenger which is found at the nerve endings and is involved in transmitting pain signals to the brain.

A mild burning sensation shows that it’s working

Applying Zostrix may cause a mild to moderate localised burning sensation initially which usually decreases or disappears with time and regular use. This is quite normal, particularly during the early stages of treatment, and is a sign that the cream is working.

Zostrix works in a gradual and cumulative way

Pain relief is not instantaneous after application as it is the cumulative depletion of substance P following continued use over a period of 4+ weeks that gradually brings the full effect.

Suitable for everyday use with chronic osteoarthritis

Unlike other treatments such as topical NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) which should not be used for more than 3 weeks consecutively, Zostrix is suitable for everyday use to help relieve chronic osteoarthritis pain.

Zostrix is effective in helping to relieve osteoarthritis pain

Reduces pain by up to 50%1

In a clinical trial, Zostrix reduced osteoarthritis pain by up to 50% when used regularly as the sole treatment over a 12 week period, and 80% of test subjects experienced pain relief.1

Pain severity VAS. A double-blind, randomised 12-week comparison of Zostrix q.i.d. monotherapy (n=57) or placebo vehicle (n=56) in patients with OA.1 Adapted from Altman RD et al.1

Use every day in combination for effective relief of osteoarthritis pain2

Up to 33% more pain relief in combination2

In a separate study when used in combination with other medications, Zostrix provided up to 33% more pain relief in addition to the pain relief for osteoarthritis achieved with oral NSAID’s or Paracetamol alone.2

  • Zostrix provides effective topical treatment of pain from osteoarthritis in either large or small joints, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.2
  • Using Zostrix won’t result in any adverse effects in other parts of the body, and also doesn’t interfere with the action of other medications you may be taking at the same time.1,2

Application instructions

  • Little and often is the rule.
    • Apply one small bead of Zostrix cream per application site, 3–4 times daily.
    • More than a single blob won’t work any better and just wastes the cream.
    • May cause temporary burning on application – this burning is observed more frequently when applied less than 3–4 times daily.
  • Apply Zostrix to the affected area by gently massaging with your fingers.
  • You don’t need to cover the whole painful area as the cream acts on the nerves across the wider area.
  • Always wash hands immediately after use – unless using the cream on your hands.
  • Avoid applying near eyes, mucosa or broken, damaged and irritated skin.
  • Avoid taking a hot bath or shower just before or after applying cream as it can enhance the burning sensation.
  • Don’t bandage the affected area tightly.
  • Not recommended for use on children.
  • Discontinue use if adverse reaction occurs.